AD'OCC présente au CES 2024 avec 12 entreprises exposantes de la région Occitanie et une délégation de visiteurs !
Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer la participation de l'agence AD'OCC au Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 qui se tiendra en janvier prochain à Las Vegas. Cette année marque la 10ème participation de notre agence à cet événement d'envergure mondiale.

Rencontrez les Membres de la Délégation Régionale 2024

Découvrez les entreprises innovantes de la région Occitanie qui participent au Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 de Las Vegas. Ces entreprises dynamiques représentent le meilleur de l’innovation technologique.

Comment les contacter ?

Nous avons facilité la prise de contact avec chaque membre de notre délégation. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste complète des entreprises présentes au CES 2024, accompagnée de leurs coordonnées professionnelles directes.

N’hésitez pas à les contacter pour discuter de collaborations potentielles, de projets innovants ou pour obtenir plus d’informations sur leurs produits et services !



City : Pia
Website :
Contact : Gilles LABRANQUE –

Presentation of the company :
Coldway Technologies has harnessed the potential of ammonia to develop a 21st century refrigerant: a refrigerant that is mastered, decarbonised, highly mobile and performs well. The company has expertise in thermodynamics to make the principle of solid-gas sorption available for the world and the people living in it; and, as a result, creates infinite cycles which see it subjected to a precise temperature without the matter suffering any waste: a technology called Coldway©.


City : Masclat
Website :
Contact : Guy BERWAT –

Presentation of the company :
+ 40 years experience in High Technology specialized in embedded electronics, prototyping and test equipment.


City : Montpellier
Website :
Contact : Antoine JANNING –

Presentation of the company :
enCaps : Your Digital Product Passport Solution – EU compliance made easy! Unlock innovation and enrich products securely with our patented tech.


City : Mauguio
Website :
Contact : Guillaume MODELSKI –

Presentation of the company :
FREECOVERY is a French start-up specialising in the development, design and marketing of revolutionary muscle recovery solutions. Our DNA is to offer unique, mobile, user-friendly and autonomous products to improve well-being and sports performance in partnership with sportsmen and women.


City : Toulouse
Website :
Contact : Thomas FONTANILLES –

Presentation of the company :
Iki is a healthtech start-up whose main aim is to improve the lives of patients. To achieve this, Iki provides them with tools that give them precise information about their nutrition and enable them to play a central role in their therapy.


City : Montpellier
Website :
Contact : Gaelle CHALANDE –

Presentation of the company :
LUNDI MATIN is a Montpellier-based company that publishes an AI solution, or chatbot, for businesses of all sizes. As part of this AI project, LUNDI MATIN has invested several million euros in the creation of a private French research center dedicated to generative artificial intelligence. This initiative enabled the recruitment of a team of researchers who worked with various CNRS research laboratories with expertise in software engineering, conversational agents and generative artificial intelligence. LUNDI MATIN has also initiated partnerships with leading schools to integrate the skills of their research laboratories into their training curricula. The aim of this initiative is to promote knowledge transfer and the training of future specialists in generative AI.


City : Albi
Website :
Contact : Coline SINQUIN –

Presentation of the company :
OMEDOM is a female founded and owned company based in the South of France and created in March 2021. OMEDOM has a team of 8 talents situated all over France and who are committed to develop a digital solution to help owners and their advisors to manage their real estate.


City : Labège
Website :
Contact : Candice LE DOARÉ –

Presentation of the company :
SKYTED designs a new mask, providing a “silent bubble” allowing confidential and silent calls. This “voice silencer” offers total comfort and speech privacy in transportation, open spaces and in the virtual world, for instance metaverse & online games.


City : Perpignan
Website :
Contact : Bruno AUBERT –

Presentation of the company :
Solecooler protects your feet and the planet Now available: CLIMFEET the first insole heating or cooling thanks to footstep pressure without battery or time limit for runners, workers… And soon: WARNFEET the 1rst battery-free connected insole that warns you upstream of the risk of ulcers for diabetics.


City : Les Matelles
Website :
Contact : Eric QUIVY –

Presentation of the company :
YOO SOFT has set the goal of creating limitless software. We have developed a technology that enables the creation of complex business software (ERP, CRM, WMS, MOBILE, BI) 25 times faster, without writing a single line of code. The modeled software is 100% customizable within a few hours.


City : Toulouse
Website :
Contact : Brice CAVELIER –

Presentation of the company :
UpFiner is a French startup from Toulouse specializing in the field of nomadic security and new technologies. We have developed UpLock, the First Secure Portable Safe with Theft Detection and Alarm. At CES 2024 we launch UpLock Evolution Pro, the first connected and geolocated nomad safe.


City : Saint Clément de Rivière
Website :
Contact : Morgane SELVE –

Presentation of the company :
At YellowScan we design, develop, and build our UAV LiDAR solutions to exceed the expectations of professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy. Our complete hardware and software solutions are easy to use data collection tools coming with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts.



City : Castres
Website :
Contact : Yann PETER –

Presentation of the company :
Castres-Mazamet Technopole BIC is the innovation support structure for the economic development of the region, and has been committed since its creation to a quality approach in assisting entrepreneurs and innovative businesses.
Accredited Technopole by the French Innovation Network – RETIS and Business Innovation Center by the European Business Network EBN.
With many events every year – the e-health University, symposia, conferences, thematic meetings, a real hub of social and technological innovations – we work with you to facilitate and promote the different areas of innovation, by creating unique opportunities for knowledge sharing, exchange and interaction. Hosting your innovations is at the very heart of our missions.
Hosting your innovations is our most exciting challenge and also contributes to enhancing our region’s reputation. Innovating here means bringing together the best of you and us!
As a highly committed, people-focused team, we are at your side and give our utmost to provide you with the tailor-made support you need to create and develop your business. The main objective of what we do is always to ensure your success, helping your project progress and bringing it to fruition!
Some key figures in 2023:
+30 projects/ innovative companies supported (all sectors of activity combined).
~ €2m of private funding obtained
~ €800K of public funding
15 jobs created

Trust in isotopes

City : Perpignan
Website :
Contact : Evelyne ADJEI MENSAH –

Presentation of the company :
Trust in isotopes, a French Deeptech company, provides an isotopic traceability service tailored for importing businesses dealing with raw materials such as cocoa, spices, cotton, and more. Utilizing advanced geochemical analysis techniques, Trust in isotopes enables these companies to accurately determine the geographical origin of their raw materials. This innovative approach aims to ensure the quality of their products and safeguard them against unfair competition.

Mains d’Argent

City : Perpignan
Website :
Contact : Héloïse LAMOTTE –

Presentation of the company :
“Silver Hands” (Mains d’Argent in French) has created the first intergenerational service that transforms supermarkets into meeting places. Our turnkey service offers distributors a solution that enhances the in-store experience for elderly customers while improving customer knowledge through our automated declarative feedback platform.


City : Mazamet
Website :
Contact : Paul CHABBERT –

Presentation of the company :
We develop mobile applications for food traceability and compliance with HACCP standards.

Découvrir le CES

L’évènement XXL de l’innovation technologique

Les atouts :

  • Un incontournable en matière d’innovation
  • Une rampe de lancement qui boostera la notoriété de votre entreprise
  • Un vivier d’entreprises et de personnes, là pour écouter/découvrir
  • Un concentré de grands comptes français et internationaux
  • The place to be pour réaliser votre veille technologique, commerciale et concurrentielle

Un salon, une multitude de possibilité

Le CES n’est pas destiné qu’aux exposants de produit tech. Le salon et tous les évènements annexes permettent de :

  • Présenter son innovation technologique à la planète
  • Rencontrer des acheteurs, distributeurs du monde entier
  • Rencontrer des VCs et Business Angel Internationaux
  • Rencontrer des Grands Comptes Européens
  • Créer des synergies avec les milliers d’entreprises présentes
  • Faire une veille technologique des tendances

Chiffres clés

Du salon

250 000 m2


182 000

6 600

4 400

pays présents

Notre offre

Participer au CES avec AD’OCC c’est

  • La possibilité d’exposer sur une zone stratégique, l’Eureka Park :
    • Un dénominateur commun : l’innovation
    • Une zone d’exposition exclusivement réservée à une sélection d’entreprises et de start-up
    • Le hall le plus médiatisé du CES
    • Le passage incontournable de tous acheteurs, distributeurs, investisseurs, VCs, etc…
    • Au cœur de la zone France / French Tech
  • Suivre Un programme d’accompagnement sur mesure et rythmé par des sessions collectives de préparation avant et pendant le CES :
    • Des temps d’information en amont : les bonnes pratiques du CES, le marché US…
    • Des ateliers pratiques pour se former : préparer ses pitchs business ou investisseurs, sensibilisation action presse, protéger et sécuriser ses données…
    • Des temps collectifs pour capitaliser sur l’effet réseau : présentations croisées des entreprises, soirées de briefing / débriefing…
    • Notre partage d’expérience au service des entreprises : avec déjà 9 participations à cet événement XXL
    • Une forte visibilité liée à la dimension de l’action collective de la Région Occitanie portée en lien avec la dynamique France et French Tech

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter !

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Responsable Département Marchés France & Export

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Chargée de mission France & Export Numérique – Montpellier

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Stéphanie Liot

Chargée de mission – Maison de la Région New-York

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