Over 170 experts for business development

With a 170-person team working alongside entrepreneurs, the regional economic development agency, funded principally by the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée regional council, provides strategic expertise for corporate innovation, growth or export initiatives. AD’OCC offers in-house expertise and support via its regional, national or international network ensuring premium level service for business development.

360° expertise

The AD’OCC team is made up of engineers and experts from the main regional business sectors, with wide-reaching business expertise and in-depth knowledge of the regional business ecosystem, able to connect businesses with relevant project partners.

Along with precise sector knowledge, AD’OCC provides strategic expertise for all projects accompanied:

  • Funding: AD’OCC has expertise in the public and private funding mechanisms potentially available for your project
  • Standards and regulations: AD’OCC works in partnership with the Afnor Group and invites regional companies to play an active role in the standardisation process. By attending a standardisation committee, companies participate in the definition of market rules, are able to network with French partners, benefit from a privileged business network and develop their competitive technology intelligence. Funding can assist SMEs in financing most of the cost of this action.
  • Intellectual Property: AD’OCC helps companies structure their IP strategy through personalised support and the mobilisation of funding and training, via partnership agreements with INPI or IEEPI.
  • Business intelligence: AD’OCC provides corporate support in setting up an economic or strategic intelligence mechanism.

AD’OCC facilities in Occitanie, France and overseas

For greater proximity, AD’OCC currently operates out of eleven local-level offices, and in one year’s time, will be located in each of the 18 regional employment sectors.

The AD’OCC team

AD’OCC is chaired by Carole Delga, former Minister and currently President of the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée regional council. Thomas Bascaules is the company CEO.

AD’OCC is structured around five operational departments:

  • Export multisector, Europe and Attractiveness: headed by Jean-Marc Dessapt
  • Export Food and Wine, plus the Quality Tourism label: headed by François Fourrier
  • Innovation: headed by Catherine Pommier
  • Economic development: headed by Nicolas Schaeffer
  • Territories: headed by Nicolas Schaeffer

A central secretariat has been created for support functions: Administrative and Financial, Communications, Legal, Human Resources, Information Systems, headed by Isabelle Ferragut, Secretary General.