Sud de France Brand

In 2006, the umbrella brand “Sud de France” was launched by the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region to support and promote food products and wines. The Sud de France brand enables instant identification of quality products.

The Sud de France brand showcases the thousand and one flavours of Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée with brio. In May 2019, Sud de France had some 2,000 member companies and approximately 10,000 original products, with many ancestral traditions and recipes.

The Sud de France brand is present in all major French retail chains and distribution channels, including the foodservice industry. The easily identifiable Sud de France brand has proved to be a major commercial success, and is present across the world today.

The core values of Sud de France are warmth, hospitality, authenticity and modernity

  • Warmth and hospitality… with a zest of spontaneity: tasting Sud de France products al fresco, on the beach, in the shade of a fig tree, the joys of sharing with family or friends.
  • Authenticity: a guarantee of origin and the bond to the terroir, at all steps in the production process. Sud de France carries the promise of quality products, grown and processed in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Modernity: creative in updating traditional know-how, demanding in local, national and international marketing of Sud de France products, with innovative recipes and flavours.

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