AD'OCC, regional economic development agency in Occitanie, France

Accueil AD’OCC, regional economic development agency in Occitanie, France

Supporting business development and boosting job creation

Located in the south of France, AD’OCC supports companies in the Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean region at each stage of their development: creation, set up, innovation, growth, funding, export, transfer of ownership, while strengthening regional attractiveness and acting as a beacon for talent.

The agency is Occitanie region’s armed wing for economic development, innovation and job creation. It deploys regional funding mechanisms in order to anchor employment firmly within the territory.

AD’OCC is a responsive, highly-skilled and efficient local contact point for regional businesses. With a comprehensive range of support packages, project leaders can find assistance and solutions for development challenges and objectives. The agency’s action is guided by three core principles: agility, simplicity and performance.

With over 170 employees (engineers, business managers specialised in innovation management, financial engineering, export support, marketing and prospecting) at the service of entrepreneurs, AD’OCC is funded mainly by the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region. It provides strategic business expertise for innovation, development and export projects: funding, standards and regulations, copyright and business intelligence.

Support for business development

AD’OCC has four core missions

  • Attractiveness and prospecting for new companies (service available for international companies)
  • Business development, a project accelerator (service available for regional companies in Occitanie)
  • Innovation promotion (service available for regional companies in Occitanie)
  • Export: promotion of sectors and regional skills (service available for regional companies in Occitanie)

AD’OCC provides support for corporate projects of relocation, development or partnerships in Occitanie

The Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region is one of the most attractive in France. AD’OCC, the Occitanie Development Agency, is at your service for relocation, development or partnership projects in our region. Equivalent to Business France at the regional level (the national public operator in charge of international investment), with offices in New York, Shanghai, Casablanca and London, AD’OCC is a key entry point for French or foreign companies seeking to relocate to Occitanie. With 170 experts, located throughout the region and the capacity to call on a network of qualified stakeholders in all fields, AD’OCC is a reliable and confidential partner.

For those planning to set up business in Occitanie…contact us to find out more about Invest Package Occitanie!

AD’OCC offers personalised, confidential and free advice and assistance on relocating to the region.

Whether planning to relocate or just looking for partners, AD’OCC offers tailor-made assistance for all project types:

  • Unique interface, with a dedicated project manager for end to end project management
  • Personalised search for land, industrial facilities, business premises or office space (to buy or rent)
  • Qualified, targeted advice on potential public aid mechanisms, and help in setting up grant application files
  • Connecting potential partners (companies, laboratories, knowledge transfer centres, etc.) with our network of regional skills – simplifying procedures
  • Support for recruitment and training engineering, thanks to an agreement with the Job Centre
  • Organization of personalised visits: potential sites for relocation, companies, laboratories, etc.

Over 170 experts and a powerful international, national and regional network for successful business relocation

Our team includes numerous engineers, fully able to analyse the technological issues of the corporate world, but also specialists from many other fields (marketing, financing, sales, export, etc.). In addition to sector knowledge, AD’OCC provides strategic expertise for accompanied projects, on such issues as funding, standards and regulations, intellectual property or business intelligence.

In addition, contacting AD’OCC for relocation opens the way to a large network, both internationally and throughout the region.

  • International branches of Business France, for which AD’OCC is the regional equivalent
  • Overseas offices in New York, Shanghai, Casablanca and London
  • Local branches in the 13 departments of Occitanie region

Integrating your business into the regional ecosystem is paramount to success. Depending on specific needs, AD’OCC simplifies procedures, by connecting businesses with a regional network of qualified partners:

  • Subcontractors and potential contractors
  • Research laboratories, public and private technological platforms, technology transfer centres
  • Regional business networks, clusters and hubs
  • Recruitment and training stakeholders
  • Relocation services, facilitating national and international staff mobility
  • Financial organisations, investment funds and business angels
  • Specialised organisations (accountants, banks, business lawyers, legal advisers, real estate agents, etc.)
  • Honorary consulates, consulates and foreign networks in Occitanie (clubs and networks of foreign companies, foreign cultural associations, international schools, etc.)

Thanks to their sector expertise and in-depth knowledge of Occitanie’s economic, scientific and institutional eco-system, AD’OCC’s task officers understand corporate issues and connect businesses with the relevant ecosystem.

AD’OCC works in close collaboration with the Occitanie regional council, the French Government, local authorities, Consular Chambers, hubs and clusters, technology transfer centres, clubs and networks of companies and specialised organisations (lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, investment funds, etc.).

Relocation, with a premium range of business parks and incubators, and property and land search services

Amongst the regional relocation solutions, AD’OCC offers a premium range of parks labelled by the Region – OZE (Occitanie Economic Zones), can be found throughout Occitanie. These business parks offer companies:

  • Quality environment, with practical, refined architecture and eco-friendly facilities
  • Long-term project: serviced land, but also land reserves, to build a project through time and plan for future developments
  • High value-added service offer: catering, meeting rooms, real estate rental, with incubator or office facilities…

The regional network of business incubators is supported by the Region and facilitated by AD’OCC. It is composed of incubators labelled by the Region, with sites throughout Occitanie. Choosing to set up within an incubator network guarantees the same quality of support throughout the region, along with many tailor-made services.

In addition, AD’OCC works in partnership with local authorities and real estate professionals. Upon request, the agency can operate a confidential, personalised search for land or real estate solutions, free of charge.

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