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Appel à projets : Industries biosourcées

/Appels à projet terminés /Appel à projets : Industries biosourcées



La Commission européenne a publié le sixième appel à projets du programme de soutien aux industries biosourcées dans le cadre de l’entreprise commune Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (H2020-BBI-JTI-2019) sur les 21 sujets suivants pour un budget indicatif global de 135 millions d’euros :

  • Scale up conversion of lignin into valuable compounds for application in specific market sectors
  • Produce components for various materials, including for food and feed, from microalgae
  • Valorise the organic fraction of municipal solid waste through an integrated biorefinery at commercial level
  • Use tree species and/or varieties to create new bio-based value chains
  • Apply technological combinations to valorise all components of biomass feedstock
  • Develop breakthrough technologies to improve the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of pre-treatment steps within biorefining operations
  • Apply microorganisms and/or enzymes to resolve end-of-life issues of plastics
  • Develop surface or bulk treatments for improved wood-based materials
  • Convert plant oils and fats into safe high-added-value products for various applications including food and personal care
  • Improve biorefinery operations through process intensification and new end products
  • Model the composition of bio-based residual streams and its evolution to optimise its management and processing
  • Produce bio-based functional ingredients and additives for high-end markets
  • Demonstrate bio-based pesticides and/or biostimulant agents for sustainable increase in agricultural productivity
  • Produce high-performance bio-based alternatives to harmful products or processes to protect and enhance human health and the environment
  • Develop bio-based high-performance materials for various and demanding applications
  • Develop sustainable bio-based materials for high-volume consumer products
  • Develop bio-based fibres and/or functional molecules to improve the performance of textile products
  • Assist brand owners to ‘switch to bio-based’
  • Establish methods and communication for applying mass balance principles to attribute biomass co-feedstock to products
  • Shaping the bio-based economy through a participatory approach
  • Empower SME clusters to bring SMEs ‘across the valley of death’


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Ouverture : 04/04/2019 > Deadline : 04/09/2019