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Appel à projets : Innovative Medicine Initiative

/Appels à projet terminés /Appel à projets : Innovative Medicine Initiative

HORIZON 2020 / IMI2 – Calls 15 & 16

L’Initiative technologique conjointe IMI2 sur les médicaments innovants est un partenariat public privé entre la Commission européenne et les industries pharmaceutiques regroupées au sein de l’association européenne des industries pharmaceutiques (EFPI). IMI2 finance des projets de recherche dans le domaine des Sciences de la vie devant répondre aux besoins des industriels. Les sujets des 15ème et 16ème appels à projets sont les suivants :

Call 15 :

  • Topic 1 : Integrated research platforms enabling patient-centric drug development
  • Topic 2 : Blockchain Enabled Healthcare
  • Topic 3 : Microenvironment imposed signatures in tissue and liquid biopsies in immune-mediated diseases
  • Topic 4 : Emerging translational safety technologies and tools for interrogating human immuno-biology
  • Topic 5 : Develoment and validation of translational platforms in support of synaptopathy drug discovery
  • Topic 6 : Digital endpoints in neurodegenerative and immune-mediated diseases
  • Topic 7 : AMR Accelerator programme Pillar A : Capability Building Network to accelerate and validate scientific discoveries
  • Topic 8 : AMR Accelerator programme Pillar B : Tubercolosis drug development network to accelerate and validate scientific discoveries and advance the R&D pipeline of new and innovative agents to address the global tubercolusis epidemic

Call 16 :

  • Topic 1 : Progess new assets (one pre-new molecular entity (preNME) and one first-time-in-human (FTIH) start) for tuberculosis (TB) that act synergistically with bedaquiline, cytochrome bc or cytochrome bd inhibitors
  • Topic 2 : Progress novel assets (one FTIH start) for non-tubercular mycobacteria (NTM) that may act synergistically with bedaquiline and cytochrome bc drugs
  • Topic 3 : Discover and progress novel assets with new mechanisms of action (one preNME for TB and one preNME for NTM) and biomarkers for TB and NTM infection
  • Topic 4 : Determination of gepotidacin levels in tonsils and prostatic tissue
  • Topic 5 : Infection site targeting, antibiotic encapsulated in nanoparticles for treating extracellular bacterial infections
  • Topic 6 : Functional Ethionamide boosters : a novel combination for tubercuosis therapy
  • Topic 7 : Intravenous treatments of serious infections (urinary tract infections (UTI) intra-abdominal infections (IAI) & hospital-acquired pneumonia/ventilator associated pneumonia(HAP/VAP)) caused by Gram(-) bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae +/- Pseudomonas and/or Acinetobacter)

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Ouverture : 15/07/2018 > Deadline : 24/10/2018