Biotherapy: A New Challenge in the Occitanie Region

As Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) grow and regenerative medicine industrialises more, France’s health industrial sectors shift, intensifying the Occitanie Region’s efforts in launching the Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy Sector.
Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy is a collaborative strategy centred on the biotherapy and bioproduction economic sectors. It unites various regional, academic, and industrial stakeholders across the value chain, with goals to:

  • Pool resources in Occitanie for faster biotherapy development and increased economic gains.
  • Strengthen regional bioproduction capabilities.
  • Unify stakeholders for joint projects, improving project identification and distribution.
  • Boost visibility in this growing sector and elevate regional expertise in France and globally.

Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy is overseen by AD’OCC, the Region’s economic development agency, along with Eurobiomed, the competitiveness cluster, and industrial and academic representatives from the sector.

Scope and Areas of Operation

The Occitanie Region has a robust industrial and academic ecosystem focusing on biotherapy research and medicine. Toulouse and Montpellier exhibit strong synergy in this field.

Various stakeholders, including academic and clinical research centres, industries, and research organisations, represent these technologies.


The stakeholders operate in the following areas:

Cell Therapy

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A treatment approach involving the administration of cells into humans to prevent, treat, or alleviate diseases.

42 organisations are primarily engaged in:

  • Developing cell therapies, particularly in academic and clinical environments.
  • Offering services, notably in production through CDMOs and CROs.

Gene Therapy

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A therapeutic method involving the introduction of genes into an individual’s cells or tissues to treat diseases.

30 organisations mainly focus on:

  • Developing gene therapies and vectors, especially in academic and clinical settings.
  • Providing services, particularly in production, including CDMOs and CROs.

Proteins and Antibodies

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Recombinant proteins are generated within cells whose genetic material has undergone modification through genetic recombination.

49 organisations primarily focus on:

  • Supplying tools and equipment, especially for production purposes.
  • Offering specialised services, specifically in manufacturing including CDMOs and CROs.


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These materials and supportive matrices aid in the targeted and efficient delivery of innovative therapy drugs, particularly in anti-tumour strategies.

32 organisations primarily engage in:

  • Developing new biomaterials in the academic and private sector.
  • Utilising biomaterials as support for biotherapies.

Sector key data in Occitanie

106 organisations
organisations positioning by therapeutic purposes

QUOTE from Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region

Carole Delga

“The Occitanie Region excels in innovative biotherapies, particularly in cell and gene therapies, therapeutic proteins and antibodies, and biomaterials. This regional strength encompasses academic research, university hospitals, and bioproduction facilities, showing strong synergy between Toulouse and Montpellier and representing various stages of the value chain.
This sector drives employment, dynamism, and innovation, with more than 106 organisations (including 65 private companies). It has substantial growth potential and holds a pivotal position in future industrial sectors. Under the Regional Innovation Strategy led by AD’OCC and the EUROBIOMED cluster, stakeholders in the ‘Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy’ sector have accelerated progress and secured significant funding and strategic investments. The Region actively promotes the expansion and visibility of this sector, aligning with the nationwide acceleration of bioproduction.”

Carole Delga
Former Minister, President of the Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, President of the AD’OCC Agency.

The directory

The Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy Directory facilitates access to the skills and expertise of the actors of the sector in the region, offering profiles of organisations involved across the value chain.

If you operate in biotherapy or bioproduction in the Occitanie region, please contact us to be featured in the upcoming directory.

Management of the sector

The Occitanie Pyrénées/Méditerranée Region

The regional economic development agency, AD’OCC



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The Occitanie Region supports the growth and visibility of the regional sector in line with national acceleration strategies. The Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy sector is recognised as a regional Future Industry and is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS).

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The regional economic development agency supports all companies based in the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region at every stage of their lifecycle.

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Eurobiomed is a Health Cluster spanning the Sud Alpes Côte d’Azur and Occitanie Pyrenees/Mediterranee regions. It aims to drive growth among health sector businesses in southern France, establish an expansive network of European health sector stakeholders, and propel France as a global leader in health sector innovation.


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Get in touch if you’re interested in joining the regional Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy, have an innovation project, aim to expand your business in the region, or require assistance in structuring your project, finding partners, or securing funding etc.:


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The Steering Committee of the Occitanie Innovation Biotherapy

  • Jérôme Bédier Flash Therapeutics, Toulouse
  • Louis Casteilla UMR RESTORE, Toulouse
  • Eric Devic GTP Bioways, Toulouse
  • Bastien Caumes, INITS, Toulouse
  • John De Vos INSERM U 1183, Montpellier
  • Marc Criton MedXCell, Montpellier
  • Pierre Martineau IRCM, Montpellier
  • Pierre Monsan, Consultant, Toulouse
  • Gilles Subra IBMM, Montpellier
  • Emmanuel Le Bouder, Eurobiomed
  • Arnaud Bourdin CHU, Montpellier
  • Louis Buscail CHU, Toulouse
  • Fabien Gross, CHU, Toulouse
  • Camille Malaval-Sutra, Inserm
  • Fayza Daboussi, INRAE
  • Zahia Hannas, Evotec, Toulouse
  • Sophie Marchall, La Région
  • Guillaume Belot, DREETS
  • Pierre Benaim, Bérénice Chaillou et Marjorie Monleau, AD’OCC
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