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© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2012 - photo by exm company / P. PIGEYRE

As a hub of the aeronautical industry, the Occitanie region is home to three major aircraft manufacturers: Airbus (head office), ATR (head office) and Daher.
The region also offers a unique and FULLY INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM:

  • an industrial fabric of 700 companies internationally renowned for excellence in their fields,
  • world-class research and training centres.

It is also the headquarters of the Aerospace Valley global competitiveness cluster.

The Aeronautical Sector directory at your service

Use this platform to identify skills, partners and expertise you would like to collaborate with! This tool lists the industrial companies and service providers operating in the aeronautical sector.

You can search companies by business sector, size… Then, simply download your search results!

Business sectors

Below you will find a glossary of the business sectors under which the companies are listed. Depending on its businesses and expertise, a company can appear in one to three sectors.

  • Aircraft construction
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Engineering and IT, consulting, AI, Big Data
  • Metalworking, metal casting, boiler making, piping, sheet metal work
  • Mechanics, machining, surface treatments
  • Machine tools, tools
  • Avionics, electronic and electrical systems, IFE
  • Thermoplastics, composites, materials, textiles
  • Drones and VTOL
  • Aeronautical wiring
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Interior fittings, paints and adhesives
  • Aircraft fasteners and screws
  • Maintenance, repair, and recycling of aeronautical equipment
  • IoT, connected objects
  • Additive manufacturing, factory 4.0, digital transition
  • Air traffic management
  • Testing, inspection, certification
  • Logistics and distribution of aeronautical components
  • Sales and technical support offices
  • Other sectors

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