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International Paris Air Show 2019

/Events /International Paris Air Show 2019

The Occitanie Region has had a presence at the International Paris Air Show - the industry world’s largest trade event - since 2003. The goals have been to strengthen the region’s attractiveness, attract new businesses and support Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) with their international expansion programmes.
Come and meet the 250 businesses from Occitanie exhibiting at this year’s Air Show. 81 of them can be found on the "Aerospace Valley Occitanie & Nouvelle-Aquitaine" Pavilion.

Aerospace Valley Occitanie & Nouvelle Aquitaine: the largest regional pavilion

The French Regional Pavilions occupies Hall 4 and brings together more than 550 SMB. The Aerospace Valley Occitanie & Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest regional pavilion covering 1,500 m2.
It features 147 businesses: 81 from Occitanie and 66 from Nouvelle-Aquitaine; French prestigious universities; research centres (ONERA, ISAE SUPAERO, ENAC, IRT Saint-Exupéry) as well as the conurbation of Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees partnering with Tarmac Aerosave.

New for 2019: a chalet promoting the region's know-how

This year, the Occitanie Region will host foreign delegations and Directors of major groups from a 90m2 chalet with spectacular views over the runway. Furthermore, SMB regional exhibitors will be able to use the chalet to meet with their clients and host special guests.
For further information, please contact Marie-Laure Ichanjou.

Bourget 2019: meet businesses from Occitanie on our pavilion

  • ADB, Specialist in under-cutting and precision mechanical engineering, thread cutting, lapping, marking, turning and special screws
  • ACTIA, Studies, design and manufacture of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic servo systems
  • ADDEV MATERIALS, Supplier / Converter of high-performance materials
  • AERO NEGOCE INTERNATIONAL, Manufacture of aerospace industry fasteners and hardware
  • ASCENT AEROSPACE, Integration of A/C assembly and maintenance lines, complete project
  • AEROSOFT FRANCE (Trefin Group), Design, industrialization and production support. Management and follow-up
  • AGENIUM, Global solutions for innovative applications
  • AVIASIM, Develop certifiable Flight Simulators, training services
  • AXSENS, Consulting, and supply chain expert
  • BAYAB INDUSTRIES, Industrial abrasion machining and processes specialist
  • BEZY AERO - STOKVIS TAPES FRANCE, Distributor and processor of adhesive tapes
  • BODYCOTE, Heat treatment services, thermos-chemical treatments specialist
  • CIR, Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • COMAT, Engineering services for flight and ground equipment in space and aeronautics
  • CONESYS, Specialist in air-tight technology, design and manufacture of connectors
  • CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES, Specialist in air-tight technology, design and manufacture of connectors
  • DERICHEBOURG ATIS AERONAUTIQUE, Engineering , technical studies, interim aeronautics personnel
  • DUPONT KAPTON, Electrically conductive polyimide film developed for heating applications
  • ELECTRO IMPACT FRANCE, Specialist in assembly tooling for aerospace, fastening, AFP and flextrack
  • ESTEVE, Precision mechanics and general machining turning, milling, 3D printing of metal parts and production of tools and equipment
  • EXCENT FRANCE, Specializing in engineering and technology consulting
  • FALGAYRAS, An industry reference in supply and maintenance for on-board equipment and aircraft accessories
  • FLEURET, Manufacture of containers for transport sensitive equipment such as satellite payloads, aeronautical components, etc.
  • FREYSSINET AERO EQUIPMENT, Global sub-contractor for the manufacturing of mechanical parts
  • FREYSSINET AERO COATING, Complex shapes and hard metal machining, surface treatment
  • FUSIA, Manufacturing of precision parts, 3D metal printing
  • GALY SAS, Plate work, machining, non-destructive testing
  • GIT, Treatment and coating of metals
  • HARMONY AEROSPACE FRANCE, Distribution of aircraft spare parts, repair management, consignment stock, kitting
  • HODE ENSEIGNES, Specializing in marking products and CADD technique, screen printing and advertising marking on all media
  • HUMAN DESIGN GROUP, Human factor integration for complex systems, workspace design, and digital consulting specialist
  • HYDRO SYSTEMS FRANCE, World leader for ground service equipment, as well as for aircraft production and maintenance tooling
  • INODEX 3D, Software editor for the industrialization phase of wired products
  • ISP, Key player in the field of precision engineering, mechatronics and robotics
  • JEDO TECHNOLOGIES, Specialist in 2D and 3D machining of precision parts by pure, abrasive water jets
  • LA METALLISATION TARBAISE, Processing and coating of metals
  • LASELEC, Laser and electronics specialist, designing and building UV laser wire markers from hardware to software
  • LEAD TECH, Develop technical publications, drawing, software and industrial automation services
  • LHERS, Precision machining, subassembly assembly, studies and realization of tooling
  • MECA AERO CONSULTING, Surface treatment by electrolysis, electroforming, surface treatment by thermal spraying
  • MECANO ID, Mechanical and thermal engineering, manufacturing, integration and maintenance of subassemblies and complete or complex assemblies
  • MINCO, Design and manufacture of flexible thermofoil heating films, flexible circuits, sensors and instruments
  • NORMAERO, Specializing in the manufacture of fasteners and assembly in the aeronautics and space sectors
  • OPTALM, Engineering, technical studies, manufacturing of mechanical parts in CLAD and metal parts in additive manufacturing
  • PHILOTECH FRANCE, Aviation consulting and engineering
  • PIEM, Commercialization of paints, tools and equipment
  • POLE EUROPEEN DE LA CERAMIQUE, cluster dedicated to ceramics
  • ROCHETTE INDUSTRIE (MECANIC SUD INDUSTRIE), Industrialization and manufacture of mechanical subassemblies, machining and technical processes
  • SABART AERO TECH, aluminium alloys dedicated to forging, circular rolling and extrusion processes
  • SFIB, Aeronautical plate-working, welding, mechanized welding
  • SOCIETE TECHNIC'SERVICES, Manufacture of composite parts and paints, comprehensive services from production of prototypes to maintenance of aircraft parts
  • SPEM AERO, Surface treatment, paints and metal coatings
  • ST COMPOSITES, Specialized in the manufacture of thermosetting composite parts in the aeronautics sector
  • SWIFT AEROSPACE FRANCE, Distributor and stockist of fasteners and hardware serving the aerospace industry
  • T3S, Screen printing and marking
  • TARAMM, Foundry: titanium and high melting point alloys investments castings
  • TARMAC AEROSAVE, European leader exclusively dedicated to storage, maintenance and recycling of end-of-life aircraft
  • TISO, Supplier of solutions for assemblies, sub-assemblies and sheet metal work, welded and machined parts for the aviation industry
  • VECTOR FRANCE, Editor of tools, software components and services for developing embedded systems
  • VODEA, Specialized in design of electronic software systems in harsh environments
  • XLM SERVICES, Specializing in engineering and consulting

Discover start-ups and businesses on our stands

RESO +, the network of 42 incubators supports business creators: meet six regional start-ups on our booth!

  • AERSYN, Develop an innovative web-app, a marketplace for aircraft buyers and sellers
  • FLUID ACTUATION & CONTROL TOULOUSE, Design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic equipment
  • HINFACT, Detect critical flight situations with eye tracking and data analysis
  • iBASEt, IT editor of MES solutions (Manufacturing Executing System)
  • SAFETYN, Develop personalized Intelligent Life Preservation Technologies for pilots
  • WARANET SOLUTIONS, Online and connected monitoring of your facilities (storage facilities, incubators and means of transport, etc.) with flexible and wireless solutions

MECANIC VALLEE, mechanical cluster

  • METRASUR, surface treatment, special process
  • MICHEL PIOCH, manufacturing of profile milling lines
  • PRADEL, realization of complex mechanical precision parts
  • RGI FRANCE, design and production of machine-tools
  • SERMATI, integrated mechanical solutions
  • SUD-OUEST SYSTÈME, CNC machine-tools refurbishment
  • YMCA SERVICES, industrial subcontracting, services

For further information about our regional presence at the Bourget, please contact Marie-Laure Ichanjou or Anabelle Califano
Perhaps you are an aviation or a space industry business looking to develop in the Occitanie Region? Then come and meet AD’OCC (the Occitanie development agency) at the Bourget or contact Philippe Baylet or Carole Crevel.

Pour retrouver tous les services proposés par AD'OCC, cliquez ici.

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