Welcome to VivaTech 2024 with the Occitanie region!

VivaTech, one of Europe’s largest tech events, will take place from May 22nd to May 25th, 2024, in Paris (Porte de Versailles). It’s a must-attend for innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the globe, showcasing the latest technological advancements and emerging trends.

The key themes of VivaTech this year

This year, VivaTech will showcase revolutionary innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital health, sustainable mobility, and much more. Additionally, Saturday will be dedicated to gaming and e-sports, providing a unique opportunity to explore the intersections between technology and entertainment.

The Occitanie regional delegation at VivaTech

A regional delegation will proudly represent the colors of Occitanie for this 8th edition.
With a 150m2 pavilion located at booth H22, we will showcase the richness of our ecosystem and our innovative companies!

Highlights are planned, including the arrival of international delegations, speaking engagements at captivating conferences, and the participation of important figures from our ecosystem.

The new world has already begun, and it needs solutions. In Occitanie, we have them; come discover them at VivaTech 2024!

Edition 2024

To learn more about the members of the delegation:

Cybersecurity / Defense

At R2Devops, our purpose is to enable IT enterprises to avoid chaos in their deliveries and teams by providing them with complete mastery and absolute trust in their software supply chain.

With R2Devops, securing software supply chains not only becomes possible, but also easy!

If this resonates with you, come to us for an instant audit of your software supply chains:

  • Identify security issues in your CI/CD pipelines before exploitation
  • Evaluate the trust level of your dependencies accessing your sensitive information (secrets)
  • Ensure compliance of your supply chains
  • Detect and proactively eliminate future technical debt
  • Prevent the next supply chain attack
  • Facilitate your compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, SecNumCloud, NIS2

Contact : Aurélien Coget – aurelien@r2devops.io
Website : r2devops.io


SOLAR-PAINT offers a Cool-Roofing solution for industrial, tertiary and commercial buildings. Made in France, the solution has an economic and environmental impact.
It saves up to 30% energy on air-conditioning and reduces the temperature inside buildings by an average of 6°C.

The passive solution developed by SOLAR-PAINT is a “Cool-Roofing” process. This technique consists of applying a paint to the roofs of buildings with high solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity powers. Our Made in France paint is the result of 2 years of R&D. By reflecting 92% of the sun’s rays, you gain by an average 6 degrees of temperature drop and up to 30% of air conditioning costs.

Contact : Nadège Bernard – n.bernard@solar-paint.fr
Website : solar-paint.fr


Magentine offers connected medical biology solutions aimed at enhancing patient care services. It serves as an exclusive partner for healthcare professionals, ensuring that diagnostic tests meet the same quality and traceability requirements as those in a medical biology laboratory.

Our solution enables healthcare professionals to easily perform near patient testing. The solution is formed with three components: A mobile application, a rapid test reader and AI companion.

Our mobile app allows professionals to:

  • Register patients
  • Facilitate sample collection using innovative plasma extraction technology
  • Our mobile Reader performs quantitative analysis of rapid tests
  • Our AI companion assists in interpreting results and provides personalized advice

In essence, Magentine Healthcare’s solution streamlines the diagnostic process, enhances patient care, and ensures quality and traceability comparable to accredited biology laboratories.

Contact : François Dupoteau – fdupoteau@magentinehealthcare.com
Website : www.magentinehealthcare.com


I-Percut is a French startup. Our activity is the research and development of connected object solutions, embedding pressure sensors and measuring values such as strength, reactivity and speed, in the field of sport (boxing) and health (rehabilitation).

I-Percut has developed the I-Perskin, the connected boxing cover, installed in a few seconds on a punching bag to transform it into an interactive one.
Equipped with sensors and LEDs, and connected to its mobile application, it guides athletes in their training, measures their strength, their reactivity, their speed and the number of hits delivered on each sensor.
Thanks to the application, athletes benefit from adapted training and follow the evolution of their performances.
A real support tool for coaches, I-Perskin allows them to evaluate their students, suggest areas for progression, compose and share training sessions adapted to specific objectives.

Contact : Olivier Huc – o.huc@i-percut.com
Website :

HR / Training / Education

Kiido is an ally for separated and divorced parents, to better manage their personal and professional life. A comprehensive approach to support employees facing difficulties linked to their family situation – enabling them to organize their daily lives while reducing conflict and promoting serenity.

Kiido isn’t just another co-parenting app – it’s a complete solution designed to revolutionize the way separated parents navigate their daily lives: a smart mobile app for effortless communication, planning, financial management and decision-making, while prioritizing the well-being of children. In addition, Kiido offers a network of trusted professionals for advice, personalized newsletters, informative events on practical co-parenting, and much more. Employers can offer Kiido as a valuable resource to their employees, reinforcing their workplace wellness policy. Data protection is paramount for us. Simplify your co-parenting with Kiido!

Contact : Anupam Kundu – anupam@kiido.fr
Website :


E-artsup Montpellier

Contact : Stéphanie Legrou – stephanie.legrou@e-artsup.net
Website : e-artsup.net


Idem formation
At the heart of the digital city of Le Soler and Barcelona’s 22@ tech district, L’IDEM has been a school, training centre and CFA for creative and digital professions for 25 years. We offer an innovative and operational teaching approach with a 100% professional team.

With our dual campuses in Perpignan and Barcelona, we offer you a course of study marked by a unique international pathway, as well as internship opportunities throughout Europe with our Erasmus+ programme. TRAINING: Audiovisual, 2D/3D animation, digital communication and marketing, sound professions and IT development. The placement rate for our students is excellent. Depending on the course, 85% to 97% of our students find a job within 3 months of graduating in the creative and digital industries.

Contact : Pierre Roca – pierre@lidem.eu
Website : lidem.eu/


Wiidetect, an artificial intelligence company, aims to optimize material reuse and manufacturing processes for a more circular economy. In partnership with its clients, it develops customized and integrable solutions, thereby reducing waste and costs through AI and material reuse.

We assist in designing custom machinery or adapting to existing production lines to create advanced algorithms that detect and sort materials based on their quality and potential for reuse. Wiidetect stands out for its ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ products and specific needs.

Wiidetect’s AI solutions learn, analyze, and control with remarkable precision, improving quality control and avoiding overproduction of waste. Our partners experience an immediate financial and environmental return on investment through the deployment of our solutions.

Contact : Richard Lagalisse – r.lagalisse@wiidetect.fr
Website : wiidetect.fr


Nanomade specialise in designing and manufacturing advanced sensors for various industries, including automotive and aerospace. With our expertise in Touch&Force, physiological parameter monitoring, and structure deformation detection, we aim to empower our clients to create smarter, more efficient products and systems.

“Nanomade specialises in designing and manufacturing highly sensitive, thin, flexible, and customisable deformation sensors.

The cutting-edge sensors offer a wide range of applications across three key areas: Touch & Force, enabling any material or 3D shape to become interactive (leather, wood, metal, etc.); Health Monitoring, detecting micro-deformations in the body to collect physiological data (heartbeats, respiration, posture, etc.); and Structural Deformation Detection, identifying deformation or impact on various structures like metal or wood.

Nanomade focuses on continuous innovation, precision and reliability.

Contact : Sarah Gharzeddine – sarah.gharzeddine@nanomade.com
Website : www.nanomade.com


ILYA is a young french company that develops innovative products to reduce water and energy consumption in the shower. We develop a recycling shower and the ILO sensor.

The Recycling Shower ILYA aims to reduce water and energy consumption by 70% compared to a normal shower. Thanks o its recycling mode, no matter the time spent in the shower, it’s only 5 liters of water that are used.

The ILO Sensor is a sensitization tool for the shower. It measures and displays the water consumption to inform the user and make him aware of his environmental impact.

Contact : Simon Buoro – simon.buoro@ilya-tech.fr
Website :


Transform organizations into decarbonization heroes! Measure and manage your greenhouse gas emissions to decarbonize your activities thanks to the digital carbon management solution and our Carbon Killer decarbonization experts.

Our digital carbon management solution allows organizations to:

  • measure their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with carbon accounting standards
  • manage the implementation of the climate strategy over the long term
  • promote actual achievements
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

A differentiating approach:

  • Easy to use with an increase in the skills of your teams
  • Reliable, audited and compliant with the Bilan Carbone methodology
  • Assisted by our carbon killers to facilitate the implementation of projects
  • Committed over the long term to

Contact : Benjamin Vigneau – benjamin.vigneau@takeair.fr
Website : www.takeair.fr

Information technologies

Emvista develops IAs that help humans master the information flow and turn it into value. A specialist in analytical AI, Emvista notably provides solutions for controlling generative IAs by assessing their results: personal identifiable information, anonymization, fact-checking, regulatory compliance.

Prevyo is Emvista’s semantic platform for extracting and structuring text. It automatically extracts information that makes the most sense for you (events, people, organizations, products, brands, locations, dates, etc.) and shows the semantic relationships between them for various applications such as personal identifiable information (PII) detection, anonymization, Generative IAs (LLMs) result checking, survey result analysis (opinions, emotions), automatic database populating… Prevyo has numerous use cases, especially in the banking, real estate and defence industries.

Contact : Philippe Garnier – philippe.garnier@emvista.com
Website : emvista.com


ELA Innovation
For over 20 years, ELA Innovation has been designing and developing ultra-low-power industrial IoT sensors. Well known for its expertise in energy efficiency and its R&D resolutely focused on eco-design, ELA Innovation offers the widest range of industrial connected beacons on the market.

Based on Bluetooth Low Energy, Wirepas Mesh and Quuppa communication technology, ELA Innovation’s sensors, beacons and tags can be easily integrated into IoT solutions, enabling companies to collect a wide range of data such as temperature, humidity, movement, the position of equipment or even a person. Well known for their ruggedness and premium features, ELA Innnovation’s connected beacons are adapted to harsh environments to meet the needs of industrial companies. Customization, white-label and extended warranty services complete the offer, guaranteeing easy integration of ELA Innovation products.

Contact : Wandrille Lesueur – sales@elainnovation.com
Website : elainnovation.com


VOGO is an international sportech specialized in audio and video solutions for sporting events. With a team of 70 people in France (Montpellier, Grenoble, Paris), the USA and the UK, and a turnover of €10M in 2023, it is the first sportech listed on Euronext stock exchange since 2018.

VOGO develops and implements audio and video solutions for spectators and sports professionals. For professionals, VOGO offers analysis and decision-making tools (refereeing assistance, medical diagnosis, coaching). For spectators, VOGO has developed a breakthrough solution, independent of the number of people connected, making it possible to transform the experience in stadiums through multi-camera content on demand, accessible via tablets or smartphones. VOGO is now also present in the industrial sector. All of the Group’s technologies are protected by a portfolio of patents.

Contact : Barbara Desmarest-Moser – b.desmarest@vogo-group.com
Website : www.vogo-group.com

Marketing / Advertising / Communication

VRAI Studio
VRAI Studio develops eco-friendly educational applications, leveraging technology to serve humanity and raise awareness about environmental challenges. We offer innovative digital solutions for effective learning and ecological consciousness.

RecyclageVR introduces “The Sorting Challenge”, a unique immersive experience dedicated to learning about waste sorting. Dive into our virtual reality universe to discover in a fun and interactive way the best sorting practices and their environmental impact. With “The Sorting Challenge”, users are challenged to correctly sort various types of waste, thus learning to recognize recyclable materials and understand the importance of responsible waste management. This educational adventure promotes waste sorting and encourages a more sustainable lifestyle.

Contact : Kévin Mazars – contact@vrai-studio.com
Website :


Stayfluence connects influencers with short-term rental managers and restaurant managers for free stays and meals in exchange for promotion on their social networks.

Stayfluence is available in two offers: Stayfluence Food for the promotion of restaurants and Stayfluence for stays in exceptional properties. The two platforms, accessible via mobile and web applications, allow managers to easily publish and manage listings and bookings. Influencers take advantage of search filters to find opportunities and manage their bookings. An integrated messaging system simplifies communication between parties. In addition, pre-written contracts facilitate rapid and efficient contracting in just a few clicks.

Contact : Victor Charpentier – victor.charpentier@stayfluence.com

Mobility / Transportation

Cezigue is here to break down technological barriers and unleash your creative potential, making app creation a breeze for anyone passionate about mobility. Join us in shaping a future where the creation of mobility solutions is democratized, accessible and driven by a community that dares to reimagine the possible.

Cezigue.io is a unique platform that brings together all the necessary tools for creating mobility applications. We make them accessible and intuitive by adding a no-code layer to each, allowing everyone to quickly and simply create the mobility services of tomorrow as easy as a social media page. No coding, just creativity!

Contact : Sébastien Tricoire – sebastien.tricoire@cezigue.io
Website : cezigue.io


SKYTED designs a new mask, offering a “silent bubble” for confidential, silent calls. Skyted is developing a complete ecosystem that enables hybrid workers, gamers, etc. to make silent, secure and confidential videoconferences while on the move or in the office.

The Skyted mask makes it possible to make telephone calls silently and in complete confidentiality, thanks to its noise absorption technology patented in collaboration with ONERA. The mask prevents all sound from leaving, but also from entering, enabling calls to be made in noisy public places such as public transport (planes, trains, subways, cabs, etc.), open spaces and shared offices. But also for gamers and the military. Wired and Bluetooth versions of the mask are available.

Contact : Stéphane Hersen – s.hersen@skyted.io
Website : skyted.io

Software Development / Cloud services

Founded in 2015 by Philippe Bloquet, PeopleSpheres is an HR platform for companies with 500 to 20,000 employees. The company has 350+ customers (Provalliance, Vitamine T, Adopt…). In 2023, PeopleSpheres raised €10M to reach profitability. PeopleSpheres employs around 100 people in Montpellier and Paris.

PeopleSpheres is the architect of your HR strategy. The PeopleSpheres Store allows you to choose and connect the best HR software on the market to create a 100% customizable and scalable platform tailored to your company’s needs. PeopleSpheres then becomes your single point of contact for implementation, billing, customer support, and future HR software needs.

Contact : Alexandre Diard – adiard@peoplespheres.com
Website : peoplespheres.com


YOO SOFT is a deeptech startup founded in 2021 by Eric and Tassadit QUIVY. It is revolutionizing the software publishing sector with cutting-edge innovation that enables the creation of no-code business software. The company is incubated at the Business and Innovation Center in Montpellier.

Our solution enables the creation of complex business software (ERP, CRM, WMS, Mobile, Business Intelligence) 25 times faster without writing a single line of code. Our technology allows modeling standard business software tailored to your industry. With our graphical designer, the client can create their customized standard software in minutes. The software model obtained can then be further personalized to perfectly meet their needs. Once customization is complete, the system generates the software code and makes it available in our cloud for immediate use by users.

Contact : Tassadit Quivy – t.quivy@yoo-soft.com
Website : yoo-soft.com


Odaptos is transforming UX design with its proprietary AI that interprets emotions and behaviors via its SaaS platform. Within an hour, it provides comprehensive behavioral insights, highlighting crucial moments, and helps businesses align their offerings with user expectations.

Odaptos is a startup specializing in automated user testing. Through our technology we can detect human emotions to understand in depth the needs of end users as well as their behaviors on digital services.

We design and market a SaaS product for performing user tests via videoconferencing, analyzing these interviews and providing detailed results.

Contact : Felipe Restrepo – f.restrepo@odaptos.com
Website : www.odaptos.com


LayerOps is a SaaS platform for deploying web applications on different providers, and eliminating their technical constraints. It meets the challenges of sovereignty, portability and resilience with regard to the different suppliers on the market.

The aim of LayerOps is to integrate the various Cloud providers on the market, in a multi-cloud environment, enabling applications to be ported to any referenced provider.
The complete abstraction of the technical specificities of each provider means that you are no longer tied to a single operator, and in particular, facilitates the migration and adoption of French or European Cloud solutions, from market-leading American solutions.

Contact : Nicolas Martinez – nmartinez@layerops.io
Website : www.layerops.io

Media / Entertainment / Culture

NTWU is an entertainment agency founded in 2017 after years of experience with Drakonia association. We specialize in the world of esports and video games.

We support brands, publishers, studios and public institutions in promoting their services or products through esports and video games. To do this, we offer video game animation and competitions, activations with influencers, as well as the creation and management of booths at various exhibitions.

Contact : Nicolas Gusse – nicolas@ntwu.eu
Website : ntwu.eu


V-Event revolutionizes the event industry by offering immersive virtual environments for your events and metaverse. After two years of development, the company has finally started its commercialization and opened its capital to investors.

We provide a turnkey solution to create and manage interactive virtual events such as trade shows, open days, showrooms and much more. Our gamified environments boost users engagement, and our specialized tools enable you to measure the performance of your events.

Contact : Alexandre Vives – alexandre.vives@v-event.tech
Website : v-event.tech


Daidala is a student project aiming to reinvent the horror video game experience by prioritizing total immersion and unparalleled accessibility. Our mission is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world by creating captivating and memorable experiences.

We have created a revolutionary alternative controller for video games. By harnessing the sensors and screen of your phone, our solution transforms your device into an immersive extension of the gaming experience. Dive into the heart of the action in our horror games where your phone morphs into a virtual flashlight. Explore terrifying worlds while illuminating your path, but beware, you are not alone – something is lurking in the shadows. Discover an unprecedented gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of interaction between the player and their device.

Contact : Elian Jeulin – ejeulin@outlook.fr


Pole Action Media
Cluster and incubator of creative and digital industries in Région Occitanie.

Facilitating an ecosystem dedicated to the creative and digital industries, in which existing companies and project leaders benefit virtuously from cross-border connections, high-quality networking events and personalised support.

Contact : Thomas Coignard – directeur@poleactionmedia.com
Website : www.poleactionmedia.com


Université de Toulouse
UT Innovation is the university innovation cluster (PUI) led by the University of Toulouse with CNRS, Toulouse-Tech-Transfer (SATT) and Nubbo (public incubator). It aims to strengthen and better articulate the various players and initiatives in Occitanie Ouest for the development of partnership research, technology service offer and deeptech entrepreneurship.

UT Innovation is developing an action plan to strengthen the socio-economic impact of public research and meet the ambition of generating disruptive innovations:
Business start-up support networks are coordinated in four key areas: Biotech & Health, Software & AI, Greentech & Impact, Aero & Space. A special program is aimed at PhD entrepreneurs.
Occitanie Ouest is strengthening its Business Developer teams to help companies deploy their R&D projects, thanks to public research. Working in networks, they identify scientific experts and form partnerships.

Contact : Charlie Marquis – charlie.marquis@univ-toulouse.fr
Website : www.univ-toulouse.fr

Other delegation members

Website : www.castres-mazamet-technopole.fr
Contact : Virginia Doan – virginia.doan@castres-mazamet.com

Website : www.cnrs.fr/fr
Contact : Chris Delmas – chris.delmas@laplace.univ-tlse.fr

Université de Toulouse
Website : www.univ-toulouse.fr
Contact : Charlie Marquis – charlie.marquis@univ-toulouse.fr

Website : www.iopole.com
Contact : Nicolas Saudemont – nicolas.saudemont@iopole.com 

Website : addimetal.fr
Contact : Franck Liguori – franck@addimetal.com 

Siize Domiciliation
Website : www.siize.fr
Contact : Nicolas Dulion – Nd@centres.pro

Med & Jobs
Website : www.medandjobs.com
Contact : Andrea Corbiere – andrea@medandjobs.com

Website : www.thierryclemot.com
Contact : Thierry Clemot – contacts@thierryclemot.com

Website : www.esii.com
Contact : Frédéric Rieux – frieux@esii.com

IAE Startup Lab
Website : iae.umontpellier.fr/fr/startup-lab
Contact : Dieynaba Ba – dieynaba.ba@umontpellier.fr


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