Accueil Événement Vinexpo America 2024
Accueil evenements Vinexpo America 2024


Javits Center
New York, USA


24 - 25 Juin 2024

Vinexpo America 2024

Welcome to Occitanie, a forward-thinking region deeply rooted in traditions, with skills honed across generations and shaped by the land.

For the second year running, AD’OCC (in partnership with Business France) is supporting regional companies at Vinexpo America. 9 regional wineries will be present on the Occitanie-Sud de France regional area.


Occitanie - Sud de France, Booth 139-6

First viticultural region in France in area (250 000 ha) and in volume (11.7 million hectoliters), the vineyards of Occitanie represent one-third of total French production and 4.5% of world production. Occitanie region covers Pays d’Oc, Roussillon and Languedoc vineyards as well as the right bank of the southern part of Rhône Valley and South-West vineyards.

Production area : Languedoc-Roussillon / South West / Rhône Valley


Laurent Weinberg
☏ +33 (0)4 99 53 24 10
3 840 Avenue Georges Frêche – CS 10012 – 34477 Pérols

Vignobles Vellas, Booth 139-1

The estate Mas du Pont is the center of activity of “Vellas Vineyards” located in the south of France near the Montpellier city.Nicolas Vellas is an owner of 13 Wine Estates: 300 Ha of vineyards in organic viniculture divided in different terroirs in organic and conventionnal way of working. Owner-grower from father to son manages with his team to offer our customers a qualitative and extensive wine list. Marketing and high quality of the wine are the strong point that differentiates our products, bottles become Exceptional Cuvées in every sense !

Production area : Languedoc


Julia Sarda
☏ +33 (0) 4 67 40 21 25 – 📱 +33 (0) 6 20 45 92 22
1215 Chemin du Mas du Pont – 34820 Teyran

Domaine Gayda, Booth 139-2

Domaine Gayda has a passion for the traditional ‘cépages’ grown across the many diverse soils and climates situated throughout the Languedoc. Also, varietals such as Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc have been planted at the home farm where the climatic influences of the Atlantic allows these imported varieties to flourish While the vineyards are firmly rooted in tradition and “terroirs”, the winery itself is all about the innovation, with investments in all the latest equipment and technology ensuring vinification and maturation is carried out in optimum conditions.

Production area : Languedoc-Roussillon


David Chardron
☏ +33 (0) 4 68 31 64 14 – 📱+33 (0) 6 33 83 18 70
Chemin de Moscou – 11300 Brugairolles

Les Vins de Roquebrun, Booth 139-3

Created in 1967, La Cave de Roquebrun is located within the Parc Régional du Haut-Languedoc, 30km in the North of Béziers, between both regional capitals Montpellier and Toulouse.
Our village benefits from an exceptional microclimate. This warmth permits Roquebrun to be presented as the « Petit Nice de l’Hérault » and makes it a high Touristic location in Orb’s Valley. This climate, soft but quite arid, associated to schist acid soils, let a great blossom to the different grape varieties in Saint-Chinian’s appellation.

Production area : Languedoc


Sébastien Vincent
☏ +33 (0)4 67 89 64 35 📱+33 (0)7 88 48 34 01
62 Avenue des orangers – 34460 Roquebrun

Famille G. Vigouroux, Booth 139-4

Since 1887, Malbec has flowed through the veins of the Vigouroux family and their passion for this grape variety guides them in the development of exceptional vineyards.
Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux, winemaker, has decided to offer French Malbecs whose vintages are distinguished by their finesse and natural elegance. He is convinced that the quest for excellence requires precision, a faithful interpretation of the terroirs which can only be combined with respect for the land entrusted to him.

Production area : South West


Tim Banks
📱+33 (0)6 74 64 22 37
1152 Route de Toulouse – 46000 Cahors

Alma Cersius, Booth 139-5

Innovative and creative, the Alma Cersius cooperative winery remains true to its philosophy that a glass of wine should simply be delicious. It brings together 152 passionate and committed winegrowers, who share and pool their expertise.
Located in the south of France, in the Languedoc region, and more specifically on the outskirts of Béziers, the Alma Cersius vineyards are thriving. The vineyards cover 1300 hectares, all of which are classified as IGP Pays d’Oc, Coteaux de Béziers and Côtes de Thongue.

Production area : Languedoc-Roussillon


Gilles Guele
☏ +33 (0)4 67 39 31 79 📱+33 (0)6 47 06 92 24
3 Rue des vignerons – 34420 Cers

Canet Family Estates, Booth 139-7

“Canet Family Estates” is a family business with three wine estates in the South of France’s Languedoc :

  • Château Canet : 50 hectares in the Minervois surrounded by olive groves and forests
  • Domaine d’O : 10 hectares in Limoux, producing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Blanquette de Limoux.
  • Clos Charlotte : 15 hectares in Cabardès, bijou AOP with both Mediterranean and Bordeaux grapes.

Certified Terra Vitis for over 20 years and HVE-4, we are committed every day to producing tasty, high-quality and sustainable wines.

Alongside our estate wines we roam the region making wines in all corners of the Languedoc, Thus offering a broad and competitive range of estate wines, branded wines and private labels, shipped from our centralized winery.

Production area : Languedoc


Floris Lemstra
☏ +33 (0)4 68 79 28 25 📱+33 (0)6 84 54 23 10
Château Canet – 11800 Rustiques

Caves Languedoc Roussillon, Booth 139-8

Caves Languedoc Roussillon has had roots in the region for over 35 years. The story began in 1984, when Paul Chebille and Olivier Robin realised, they wanted to get involved with the wine-producing scene. Now run by Chloé & Nicolas Chebille, this family company remains committed to supporting the local wine-growing economy and raising its profile internationally.

Production area : Languedoc- Roussillon


Mickael Capodagli
📱+33 (0)7 86 07 24 74
610 Rue Alfred Nobel – 34000 Montpellier

Calmel & Joseph, Booth 139-9

Founded in 1995, Calmel & Joseph is a maison de négoce specializing in Languedoc-Roussillon wines from private wineries from across the region. Over the years, we have built close personal relationships with a large number of growers from all appellations. We have patiently forged strong relationships with our growers from practically all the region’s appellations. We make, blend and age our wines with a fierce determination to show the extraordinary identity of this Mediterranean region.

Production area : Languedoc-Roussillon


Heidi Van Den Akker
📱+33 (0)6 23 97 52 74
Chemin de la Madone – 11800 Montirat

Château de Lastours, Booth 139-10

Château de Lastours is a 850 hectares rolling hills estate, which 100 hectares are covered in vines and 10 in olive trees. It is set in the terroir of the Corbières Maritimes at 300 m altitude and 10 km from the Mediterranean. Certified organic since 2020, it is one of the pioneers of the region.

These iconic Corbières wines from Château de Lastours express the excellence of the terroir and ancestral viticultural know-how. Grape varieties perfectly adapted to the soils, supported by rigorous parcel selection and meticulous attention during winemaking result in expressive wines of great character.

Production area : Languedoc


Thibaut De Braquilanges
☏ +33 (0)4 68 48 64 74 📱+33 (0)7 50 59 26 05
Château de Lastours – 11490 Portel-des-Corbières

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